Majical Cloudz Interactive Video for New Song

Majical Cloudz debut Interactive Video for New Song "Love Soul". "Impersonator" the latest album from Majical Cloudz in now available on Matador records.

This morning, Majical Cloudz unveiled an interactive video for their new single, “Love Soul.” Subverting narrative, the video allows the viewer to control the progression of looping scenes, providing a unique experience for each listener. Fans can download and share a mp3 of “Love Soul”, along with original, animated GIFs, directly from the interactive site.

Click Here To Check Out “Love Soul”

In regards to “Love Soul”, Majical Cloudz frontman Devon Welsh said:

“”Love Soul” was written during the time of many of the other songs on Impersonator but we decided to leave it off the album. It was a part of our set during our first shows. It was the only song I kept from a time when I was living in Northern California. I remember writing it at a cabin in the woods a few hours east of the Bay. I played it for the friends I was with and I think everyone, myself included, couldn’t really understand what it was. A dissonant loop and repetitive vocals. As Matt and I played it live it evolved slightly, so this is it.”

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