Lucinda Chua Debuts “Something Other Than Years”

Lucinda Chua Debuts “Something Other Than Years,” featuring Yeule
Lucinda Chua photo by Yukitaka Amemiya

Ahead of their debut album release this Friday, London-based artist Lucinda Chua returns to share YIAN’s final single “Something Other Than Years.” The track finds Chua enlisting friend and post-classical artist Yeule for the album’s closing track, a gentle song about searching for guidance. “Show me how to live this life / Something other than years,” Chua calls out. “There’s more in this life / Angel being of light,” Yeule sings back, the artists; unique voices intertwining over a feeling of infinite space.

Chua and Yeule recorded “Something Other Than Years” in an “ASMR cave” set up by Chua, where the pair lay on the studio floor on a bed of cushions
surrounded by mics in stereo. From this cave sprung a warm swirl of sound in infinite layers, spacious and reassuring. The track bookends YIAN, following previous singles “Golden,” “Echo,” and “An Ocean,” all of which came alongside short films by Tash Tung, Jade Ang Jackman, and Chua herself. The song also arrives ahead of Chua’s live meditational soundscape set for RESONANCE, a collaboration between her and Diasporas Now in London on March 30th, and her biggest headline show to date at London’s ICA on May 9th.

“YIAN” (燕), means swallow in Chinese, and is part of “Siew Yian,” the name given to Chua by their parents to preserve her connection with her Chinese heritage. Just as the migratory songbird lives between places, so did Chua, the artist living in the in-between of the English, Malaysian and Chinese cultures that make up their heritage. In the absence of Mandarin as a mother tongue, music became a way to express the parts of herself that couldn’t be described in words; “YIAN” emerged as a way to heal.

Through this process she found new language through which to express her experiences, language which lay in the practices she developed and the creative community with whom she built solidarity along the process: co-authoring visual identities with main collaborators Tash Tung, Jade Ang Jackman and Nhu Xuan Hua and set designers Lydia Chan, Jonquil Lawrence and Erin Tse. Chua also constructed the album’s physical language through dance with movement directors Chantel Foo and Duane Nasis.

Lucinda Chua
Track Listing

1. Golden
2. Meditations On A Place
3. I Promise
4. You
5. An Ocean
6. Autumn Leaves Don't Come
7. Echo
8. Do You Know You Know
9. Grief Piece
10. Something Other Than Years

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