“I Love This Town” by Paul Meadow

Brooklyn-based slop folk outfit Paul Meadow recently announced Cheap & Easy, a five-song collection of jingles for any revolution inspired by Sunset Park, delivery services, long winters, and perpetual war. Available on limited edition 10” vinyl “celebrates of the fall of mankind”, according to Paul Meadow.

Formed out of inspiration and ideas of revolution, songmaster Paul Meadow is the creation of Sunset Park, Brooklyn’s Stirling Krusing and Chris Lee. The results are reflections engulfed in the symbolism of meaninglessness (“Cheap and Easy”) to “The Greatest Story Ever Told” (“Killer of Dreams”). ”I met Chris Lee and Stirling Krusing in a drinking establishment after they lost their jobs writing jingles at a notable advertising firm,” Meadow explains. “After a couple hours of drinking and discussing these matters I decided to work with ‘the boys’ to write songs exclusively for me.”


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