“Lithics” By Throwing Snow

"Lithics" By Uk artist Throwing Snow is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available to stream via Houndstooth
"Lithics" by Throwing Snow

Ross Tones is also known as UK artist Throwing Snow. He recently released his new track “Lithics”, which is now available via Houndstooth. Speaking about the track, Tones said “‘Lithics’ is the result of experiments with traditional instruments that I’ve been trying to learn over the last few years. The Bodhrán emulates an 808 kick while the Daff takes the snare and higher elements. The string line that intermingles with the synths is the Indian Esraj with a contact mic on the bridge played through various pedals.”

His live sets have taken him from Sonar to Berghain via tour support for the likes of Bonobo, Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace and Jon Hopkins, as well as several Boiler Room appearances. He was asked to be part of RBMA in 2013 and won a Music Week Award as part of his Snow Ghosts project for Best Sync in 2018.

Recently, Tones moved to the countryside, converting it in to a studio and writing space for his projects and bespoke composition for film and TV. It has been featured by the likes of Vinyl Factory and Future Music, and has become a hub of rural creativity for a variety of artists.

Originally migrating from England’s northern wilderness to London and now the South West, Tones’ schooling in astrophysics and obsession with garnering all knowledge means his inspirations are myriad, but always crowd moving.

“Lithics” follows on from EP ‘The Folly of Pangloss’, which came out last year via Houndstooth under Tones’ one-off alias Snowing Throw. More new music from Throwing Snow is due later this year.