Paul Bunyan's Sling Shot by Liquid Mike album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions


Paul Bunyan's Sling Shot

Liquid Mike

“You made your bed, now dream of nothing,” Liquid Mike and his tight knit band sing on their latest album, Paul Bunyan’s Slingshot. Like much of punk rock before it, it is one track of catchy nihilism after another.

“Please don’t bother… / trying to tie the clouds to the water,” is how they put it on the title track and last album of the song. Throughout the album, they deal with the death of the American Dream, trips to the “Drug Dealer,” the edgy-titled “Drinking and Driving,” and, of course, climate change. “Now the earth dried up / and it doesn’t rain / But my friends still call when they wanna hang.” That’s the one thing they can rely on: a good time with friends.

From the first note, it takes from the best aughts’ power punk and doesn’t let up till twenty five minutes and eleven songs later. Whether it’s the “USPS” or Paul Bunyan or “American Caveman” (which conspicuously recalls Green Day’s “American Idiot”), their songs are filled with clever metaphors and surprisingly deep-feeling sentiments. But they never take themselves too seriously. Like they sing, halfway through the album, “You knew apocalypse impending / Where there’s destruction there’s an outlet for fun.”

It is expertly crafted power punk music that admittedly doesn’t cover too much new ground. But that’s not really the point here. The point is to celebrate in the midst of destruction and decay, and to remind your friends that you’re always there for them. “So when you’re back in town,” they sing in the last song, “Just let me know / And I will be waiting / I will be walking around.” “Everything works out.” For as much as there is to be anxious and angry about, at least we can turn a clever phrase and strum the guitar with glee. They find themselves among worthy peers with this power punk release of songs.

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