Lily Konigsberg Debuts “Proud Home”

Lily Konigsberg shares new single "Proud Home"
Lily Konigsberg shares new single "Proud Home"

Lily Konigsberg releases her debut solo LP Lily We Need To Talk Now is due out October 29th on Wharf Cat. Ahead of the release, she has shared the single “Proud Home.” “This song was inspired by a fictional story I made up in my dreams about my mom being Stacy’s mom,” she says. “It’s a song dedicated to Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, who passed away from Covid at the very beginning of the pandemic. I have always loved Stacy’s Mom so much and after his death, realized he wrote a ton of his songs that I really love. Appreciation for a pop ghostwriter.”

The album title taken from a text message sent to Konigsberg by Amos, this collection of songs is like a check-in with herself. On “That’s the Way I Like It,” with backing vocals from Cathcart, Konigsberg reflects on the feeling of struggling with a loved one. “You can get all evil about it—like a brat, like a baby,” she says. On “Proud Home,” she sings (“You’ve got a lot of fucking things to be proud of!”) and tries to comfort a friend who has a crush on her mom. “I really cracked myself up with the lyrics,” she says. “It’s kind of a ‘Stacy’s Mom’ riff. I decided it’s a dedication to Adam Schlesinger [of Fountains of Wayne].” But Konigsberg’s lyrics aren’t happy all of the time. “There’s a lot of sadness or strangeness in them,” she says. “This album is clearly about breaking up with somebody that I love. But, in all of my music, there’s humor. I don’t take myself too seriously.”

Konigsberg has been writing songs all her life. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she started playing solo sets around NYC clubs as a teenager, before linking up with Bard classmates Ryser and Ivry-Block to form Palberta. “They’re the reason that I’m such a confident performer,” Konigsberg says about her Palberta bandmates. “We learned to perform together, and now I’m genuinely not scared when I go onstage. They’re my sisters, and they inspire me to just do me.” Despite this being her namesake project, Konigsberg’s biggest influences remain her friends and collaborators, and the project generally has the feeling of a collective effort. “I just love all of my friends, and I’m really happy that some of them are part of the record. Charlie, Hugo, Nina, Paco, Andrea, Matt, Nate. They inspire me a lot.”

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