“Light Shines Through The Dust” by Lontalius

After releasing his debut LP I’ll Forget 17 earlier this year, Lontalius (Eddie Johnston) is back today to share a final music video from the album. The video for the song “Light Shines Through The Dust” was shot with an old technique called Camera Obscura by filmmaker Arty Papageorgiou. The method that uses light and shadow to create an image was the perfect instrument to use in visualizing Lontalius’ “Light Shines Through Dust” – a song about time, melancholy and sincerity. The images a Camera Obscura creates are as soft and sensitive as the song.

The Camera Obscura or pin hole camera, works by capturing light in a dark place, which is very much the world Lontalius’ music lives in. The idea was to capture where the mind wanders when someone is sitting alone in their room, reminiscing the beauty of memories passed. The seasonal miniatures were placed in a box and transported to some of Lontalius’ favorite places in Wellington. The video is made up of over 4000 photos stitched together much like a time-lapse.

In the short time that he has been making music, Lontalius has gone from making bedroom-pop remixes to making fully developed, raw and relatable love songs; made fans out of fellow New Zealand stars Lorde and Troye Sivan; collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign and Ryan Hemsworth (including releasing several tracks on Hemsworth’s Secret Songs); and garnered praise from fans and press alike. Johnston is currently living in Los Angeles working on the follow-up to his debut.

I’ll Forget 17
Partisan Records

1. A Feeling So Sweet
2. All I Wanna Say
3. Kick In The Head
4. Light Shines Through Dust
5. Selfless
6. My Dreams Are Dark
7. Glow
8. It’s Not Love
9. I Was More Than
10. Yr Heart Is Beating