“Lemonade” Lowell

Lowell has had an interesting journey. From dropping out of college and working as a stripper to writing many hit songs for popular artists. “Lemonade” is the first single from an album that’s due in early 2021.

The song described as “a modern piano ballad that pulls inspiration from ‘70s singer-songwriters Carole King and Randy Newman as it does Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey. The new stripped-back single about toxic positivity feels timeless, like it was pulled out of a collective memory, but with a big F-bomb in the hook and a prominent Migos-esque triplet flow in the pre-chorus. Having spent so much time in the pop world recently, Lowell chose to present these songs how they were written, in their most essential state and most simple essence.”

After leaving stripping and escaping a manipulative manager, Lowell was tapped by producer Martin Terefe to create her debut EP featuring collaborations with members of Coldplay, A-Ha and Mew. The EP caught the attention of indie label Arts & Crafts, who released her 2014 debut which prominently addressed her feminist politics and time spent as a sex worker. Commercially under-appreciated, she put her solo career on hold and moved to LA to focus on songwriting where she quickly began working with ascendent pop artists Demi Lovato, Lennon Stella, Charlie Puth, and more.

Lowell co-wrote Bloodthirsty, a 2020 Canadian horror feature film about a young vegan indie singer, who finds herself turning into a werewolf under the pressure of recording her anticipated second album. The film features several new songs, including “Lemonade”. It was accepted into Frontieres at Cannes and will premiere at both Fantastic Fest in Austin TX (the US’s biggest genre fest) and Fantasia in Montreal (only 10 films accepted world wide).


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