Leisure Cruise share Double Digit Love remix

Leisure Cruise premiere new Plastic plate remix for single Double Digit Love. Their self-titled album comes out May 6th via Last Gang records.


 Leisure Cruise has premiered their brand new intergalactic and synth-filled single, Double Digit Love today. The track is off their debut self-titled album out on May 6th via Last Gang Records.

Leah Siegel (Firehorse, The Citizen’s Band) and Dave Hodge (Broken Social Scene) reconnected in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, while Manhattan was powerless and the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Red Hook was submerged. The two had met while recording a TV spot years prior but hadn’t seen each other since. Maybe it was the post-Sandy you-only-live-once feeling but Dave asked Leah if she’d want to do some writing together. The result is Leisure Cruise.

The name of the project, Leisure Cruise, is somewhat ironic. Considering the state of New York after Hurricane Sandy and the recent discovery of the planets in the Lyra constellation that appeared capable of supporting life, Dave and Leah wondered: what if we had to leave earth and colonize a new planet? Dave and Leah imagined “a final leisure cruise for the human race.



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