Kelela announces Christmas Day Remixes

Kelela announces Christmas Day Remixes. Set for release on Christmas Day and curated by Kelela

Set for release on Christmas Day and curated by Kelela as a holiday surprise for all the fans. these Hallucinogen Remixes see her galvanizing the global avant-garde to reimagine the EP as a continent-spanning sonic carnival. Two DJ Spinn versions (“A Message” and “The High”) that have been the highlight of recent Teklife crew DJ sets bookend the EP, and in between are reworks that cover the musical landscape.

São Paulo phenom MC Bin Laden ratchets up “Rewind” into a dazzling flurry of snare drums and guttural rapping. Sporting Life, the production force behind NYC’s unstoppable rap-punks Ratking opts for a more contemplative take on the song, matching meditative new-age synths to the rhythmic backbone he’s been perfecting for own crew.

One of the more exciting production voices in Grime is Young Echo member Kahn who doubles down on the infectious melancholy of “All The Way Down” with deft percussion and smoldering harmonics before enlisting powerful newcomer GAIKA for a fiery verse that merges Grime and Dancehall into a surprising new style.

Australian upstart Air Max ’97 stretches “All The Way Down” into a clattering extended club mix with an atmosphere that recalls Kelela’s breakout mixtape Cut 4 Me while still being as futuristic as anything therein. Ballroom titans and Fade To Mind affiliates Mike Q and Divoli S’vere reverse engineer the technoid throb of the original version of “The High” into a lushly chopped pitch-shifting treat that drops Kelela’s mesmerizing vocals into zero-gravity. To finish, “The High” gets a visit from DJ Spinn and his Teklife compatriot Heavee for a dose of cosmic footwork.

(Cherry Coffee / Warp)
(December 25th, 2015)

01. A Message (DJ Spinn Teklife Remix)
02. Rewind (MC Bin Laden Remix)
03. Rewind (Sporting Life Remix)
04. All The Way Down (Kahn Remix feat. GAIKA)
05. All The Way Down (Air Max ’97 Remix)
06. The High (Heavee & DJ Spinn Teklife Remix)