Kali Horse Debut “New Spring” Video

Kali Horse Debuts video for"New Spring"
Kali Horse Debuts video for"New Spring"

Toronto psych band Kali Horse play their own brand of psychedelic rock. Today, the duo are sharing a new video for their single “New Spring.” Kali Horse’s sound is theatrical and dreamy – bouncing between highly melodic and rhythmic, groovy sections. Driven both by strong song-writing and abstract sound-play, the band creates dimensions that are often jarring in comparison to one another, playing on tension and release. The contrast between Desiree Das Gupta’s unique alto, and Sam Maloney’s vocal timbre creates a balance of light and heavy, backed by full band harmonies.

Sam and Des have been best friends for a decade and have been making music together for 7 years under different names, they are a huge part of the Toronto music community. In Kali Horse they are joined by Cassandra Ellen (Tongue Drum/Singing Bowls/Percussion), Cameron Kirk (bass) and Brandon Bak (drums). Guest players on “New Spring,” include Luna Li (Hannah Bussiere-Kim) who plays harp on New Spring.

Kali Horse on “New Spring:”

“The ice melts and reveals the New Spring. The neon forest comes alive, a lush environment with a mind of its own. This bubbly psych-bop has hypnotic layers of acoustic and electric guitars that guide you deeper into the dense atmosphere. Instruments like bugs, scatter and shimmer panning through your sonic spectrum. Harp sparkles with whimsy while crystal singing bowls+tongue drum is the moss. Explorative and playful drums+auxiliary percussion have you skipping deeper into the mind-mending journey, while saxophone wails in the distance. Only a few words are understood, like overgrown ideologies that you run into the ground. The Few who walk here are explorers of the known and unknown. ”

Kali Horse 2023 Tour Dates

May 26 – Berlin, NYC NY
June 08 – Purgatory, Brooklyn NY
June 30 – Maud’s Variety, Sarnia ON
July 01 – Cole’s Bar, Chicago IL
July 03 – Raccoon Motel, Davenport IW
July 14 – Entrepot 77, Montreal QC
July 21 – Pinball House, Guelph ON

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