Juan Wauters (of The Beets) To Release Album

Juan Wauters (of The Beets) To Release Debut Solo Album, First Single "Water" Premieres today. North American Poetry' Out 2/04/14

Today Captured Tracks has announced N.A.P. North American Poetry, the debut solo album from Juan Wauters due out February 4th of next year.

Known as the frontman of The Beets, Wauters’ talent as a songwriter as been evident for sometime now. With N.A.P. he has honed those skills, and with earnest sincerity he’s delivered a collection of songs that are concurrently introspective and outward looking,  presenting a genuine picture of who he is as an artist.

Longtime collaborator, Matthew Volz, has also put together a video interview to give you further insight into Juan’s mind and the creative process behind N.A.P. Watch HERE

If you are in New York, Juan Wauters N.A.P. will be playing shows this month, dates are listed below.

In 2000, Alberto Wauters left Uruguay to live in a basement in Queens. Two years later he called his son, Juan, to join him. Juan Wauters crossed the threshold into manhood when he arrived in New York. Working at a factory, the father and son pooled their money to bring their family to the borough of opportunity. With no friends to speak of, Juan turned to music to take control of the loneliness of his isolation. Juan was inspired by his new neighborhood of Jackson Heights and delighted to find that his library card gave him access to an abundance of new music.

 In his debut solo record, N.A.P. North-American Poetry, Wauters dreams big; coming into his own as a singer. Building on his songwriting, popularized by The Beets, Juan presents introspective tracks, like “Water” and “Sanity”, and reflections on humans’ relationship with technology in songs like Breathing—which features Carmelle Safdie. The record is completed, as always, by the artwork of dear friend and longtime collaborator Matthew Volz, who has honed the trademark visual aesthetic of Juan’s music. This album is a selection of recordings made between the fall of 2010 and the summer of 2012 at Marlborough Farms. N.A.P. delivers a fresh sound and lyrical candor from one of Queens’ most idiosyncratic adoptive sons.

Live, Juan shares the stage with a revolving cast of international musicians of the highest caliber: vocalist Carmelle Safdie (Israel), multi-instrumentalist Tall Juan Zaballa (Argentina), percussionist Chie Mori (Japan), and flutist Amanda Rodi (Mexico). Matthew Volz heightens this lively and mood-altering experience with his painted banners, personal objects and manually manipulated light show.

11/7 – Molasses Books

11/9 – Queens Museum – Opening reception for Queens International presenting Matthew Volz installation

11/14 – Shea Stadium


1. Let Me Hip You To Something
2. Sanity or Not
3. Lost in Soup
4. Escucho Mucho
5. Woke Up Feeling Like Sleeping
6. Water

7. Goo
8. All Tall Mall Will Fall
9. Continue To Be You
10. Breathing (feat. Carmelle)
11. How Do They All Do? (feat. Carmelle)
12. Ay Ay Ay


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