Juan Wauters announces Wandering Rebel

Juan Wauters has announced his new album Wandering Rebel, will be released on June 2, 2023 via Captured Tracks
Juan Wauters photo by Francisco Sanchez

Juan Wauters, announces his forthcoming album, Wandering Rebel, will drop on  June 2, 2023 via Captured Tracks. The full-length features many  collaborators including Frankie Cosmos, Y La Bamba, and Zoe Gotusso, who sings on his first single “Milanesa al Pan.” Ahead of the album’s release, Wauters has shared a video animated by Dante Zaballa here. 

Juan Wauters says,  “Milanesa al Pan” was written in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay in December 2020. I had recently left NYC and wanted to do some songwriting. I had access to a place in Cabo Polonio for a few weeks and I thought it would be a great setting to write some music. This town is very remote: behind sand dunes, on the tip of a peninsula into the ocean. There’s no electricity or running water there, so there were no distractions but nature and the place itself. This particular song describes a day in which I was expecting a visit, the following day, from my beloved girlfriend. The planning for the visit and the emotions around the upcoming encounter are described in the song. The energy and the rhythm of the song are uplifting because I felt something magical was about to happen.”

There’s freedom to be found in consistency. Until recently, Juan Wauters may not have agreed with this statement. As a touring musician and multinational citizen, transience had always come naturally to him. Circumstance, however, recently prompted him to reconsider the benefits of staying in one place: “During COVID I discovered / that I like stability,” he muses on the title track of his new album, “but the world still sees me / as a wandering rebel.” His most introspective work to date, Wauters’ sixth solo album Wandering Rebel finds the artist taking stock of how he’s changed, how the world sees him, and what he wants out of life. 

From his early days as a founding member of Queens-based garage act The Beets to his  solo career, Wauters has spent the better part of the last decade on the road. When he wasn’t touring or recording, he was gathering material, traversing Latin America to write his 2019 Spanish-language opus La Onda de Juan Pablo, then heading North to collaborate with friends like Mac DeMarco, Homeshake, Nick Hakim and more for 2021’s  Real Life Situations. 

For a brief period during the writing process, Wauters spent a month alone in a remote Uruguayan beach town, armed with only an iPad (which he charged using a solar panel) and his thoughts. In the end, only one song from this stint made it onto Wandering Rebel (“Mensaje Codificado”), but somehow the entire album feels as if it’s written from this vantage point: an artist, back in his home country, looking out at the world and considering the life that’s led him there. 

Juan Wauters
Wandering Rebel
Captured Tracks

1. Eloping
2. Milanesa al Pan (ft. Zoe Gotusso)
3. Nube Negra (ft. Y La Bamba)
4. Amor, Amor
5. Modus Operandi (ft. Frankie Cosmos)
6. Bolero (ft. Super Willy K)
7. Mensaje Codificado
8. Millionaire
9. Wandering Rebel (ft. John Carroll Kirby)
10. Carriage
11. Let Loose
12. En Un Barrio De Montevideo

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