Jovel releases video for ‘Disconnected’

Jovel releases video for 'Disconnected'

London-based R&B singer-songwriter Jovel is pleased to present his soulful new EP, ‘The Void’ on 20TH June 2016. Touching on a number of topics such as addiction, loneliness and emptiness, each track on the EP will be accompanied by emotive visuals in fitting with each theme.

Produced by Neil Comber, the man behind albums by the likes of Andreya Triana, Django Django and M.I.A, and the release is a bewitching lullaby of soul and alternative hip-hop. Stringing together deep textures, smooth bass lines and Jovel’s silky vocals, ‘The Void’ offers an immersive and insightful walk through urban existence, broken relationships and the power of technology. Encased by brooding R&B composition and expressive melodies, Jovel relays that “‘The Void’ “was written during a time of attempting to find myself after everyone around me counted me out. The dark tone and subject matters come from that period of emptiness; from being in a void”.

The result is an artful immersion of vivid storytelling, accompanied by equally theatrical visuals. Shot by independent filmmaker Patrick Odour, each of the EP’s tracks have been given an accompanying video, further adding to the release’s dark and dramatic tone. Working together, the streetwise and urban aesthetic of ‘The Void’ is accentuated on tracks like ‘Pass Me By’, a song that focuses on depression and suicide, whilst ‘Disconnected’ puts the magnifying glass on social media in our society, and the addiction and damage that comes with it: “Although we’re communicating more than ever, we’re also more disconnected than ever”.

Following the turbulent tale of ‘Katie’, a girl Jovel knew in his youth, the track and video for ‘The Heroine’ explores her addictions and struggles as a young, single mother. Played out like a spoken word poem, the track emerges as a heartfelt grime track, steadied by a stark beat and alt-rock ensemble of guitars. Likewise, the pop-laden ‘Broken’ comes from an equally personal place. Reminiscent of artists like Ed Sheeran and Frank Ocean, it dances between the styles of soul and R&B, and depicts Jovel being at an all time low, begging his partner to save him from circling the drain and falling into the abyss of total depression.

In keeping with its visceral nature and by using the power of social media, the singer and rapper aims to make his new EP as interactive and engaging as possible. Unveiled in 15 second episodes on his Instagram account, Jovel will broadcast ‘The Void: An Instagram Movie’, a compilation of completely fresh footage that interlink the EP’s four tracks and videos together. Released fortnightly, each cut will continue a story that develops throughout the campaign. Giving his fans the chance to interact with the songwriter directly, ‘The Void: An Instagram Movie’ is a unique and personal mark on the work that Jovel has put into his new EP.

With his natural storytelling, meaningful subject matter and seductive R&B style – which has already garnered support from Dummy Magazine and Music OHM, as well as seen him support the likes of Gym Class Heroes and Rizzle Kicks – this multitalented songwriter is set to make further waves this spring with what may be his most intimate material to date.


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