Jordi Up Late Debuts “Punx” ft. Wyatt Thunder

Jordi Up Late Debuts "Punx" ft. Wyatt Thunder
Jordi Up Late Debuts "Punx" ft. Wyatt Thunder

Los Angeles artist Jordi Up Late creates visuals and electronic music. The multi-artist she grew up absorbing the love of filmmaking and music production by osmosis. She found a love for visual arts and music very early on in her life with the encouragement of her family and often sequestered herself in her room to paint for hours into the night. As a teenager, she began songwriting as an additional form of self-expression and eventually became a self taught producer at 15 and worked tirelessly to keep improving her singing, song-writing and production one track at a time.

Creating is not only Jordi’s passion, but a pillar of her existence. Her need to produce art took her to the Rhode Island School of Design. There she deepened her knowledge and skills as a visual artist, studying animation, film, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and art history. With a major in Animation, Jordi spent her years at RISD exploring experimental storytelling through sound and visual accompaniment. She found more experimental pursuits in herself at RISD with the help of professors and classmates who valued exploring our innate tendencies and creative differences. While spending 4 years endlessly making and learning her craft, Jordi continued developing her self-taught production and composition skills as sound was and is always the base for her visual explorations. One does not exist without the other. In her imagined spaces, worlds are often cavernous and echoing — empty yet completing a circle. Melodies dictate shapes while synthesizers carve textures. Crescendo builds color while reverb creates a tunnel for light. Jordi’s work forms collections of meditative spaces which evolve and reveal matter to the pulse of the void.

After attending RISD and acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jordi returned to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music and art. She works as a freelance artist creating all types of work from design and illustration to mixed media animated music videos and stop motion spots. In addition, Jordi continues her fine art practices as a ceramicist and painter.

Currently working on releasing singles, the artist plans are for both an EP and LP in 2023. In addition, she is creating visual work to accompany her body of music, in hopes that she can build audio/visual worlds in her performances and experiences.


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