Jordana I Guess This Is Life

"Something To Say To You" by Jordana is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available via Grand Jury Music
"Something To Say To You" by Jordana

Jordana, has released “I Guess This Is Life.” The singer/songwriter’s latest single veers back to the indie-folk bedroom sound that first introduced Jordana’s songwriting on her debut album Classical Notions Of Happiness. Speaking to her new single Jordana says; “I Guess This Is Life is a song about the motions of everyday life and how experiences, no matter big or small, make up the person that you are and how you both perceive and are perceived by the world.”

Jordana previously announced the release of the …To You EP. The six-song collection is the completion of a two-part series she kicked off with July’s Something To Say EP. The two EPs will be compiled together to make up Something To Say To You LP, the full-length follow up to her sleeper debut Classical Notions of Happiness. The 12″ LP is available for pre-order and is set for release via Grand Jury Music on January 22nd.

Something To Say To You
Grand Jury Music

1. I’ll Take It Boring
2. Guaranteed
3. Hitman
4. Big
5. Far Away From You
6. Forgetter
7. Interlude
8. Divine
9. F***You
10. Decline
11. I Guess This Is Life
12. Reason

Pre-order Something to Say To You Here

It was the winter of 2019, and she was exploring new ideas in a Brooklyn studio. Up until that point, the 20-year-old Wichita-based singer-songwriter was used to working alone, and creative solitude suited her. Her organ-playing father had encouraged her to pick up the piano at a young age. She moved on to the violin at 9, and the baritone, ukulele, guitar and bass followed shortly thereafter. By the time she was a teenager, she was a one woman band. So it’s no surprise she wrote, performed and produced her 2019 debut album Classical Notions of Happiness all by herself.

The album dreamily wove warm, languid waves of electric guitar, strings and plaintive plucking with her vulnerable stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Though initially self-released, Happiness caught the eye of NY independent label Grand Jury – the home to Twin Peaks, Hippo Campus, Samia and more – who expanded and re-released the debut in early 2020.