Jon Bryant Debuts New Single “Lightspeed”

Singer/songwriter Jon Bryant has shared a new video for "Lightspeed." The track is lifted from his forthcoming LP PsychIdyllic Salutations
Jon Bryant photo by Brian Van Wyk

Singer/songwriter Jon Bryant has shared a new video for “Lightspeed.” The track is lifted off his forthcoming release PsychIdyllic Salutations, which drops on November 26, 2021 via Nettwerk Records. “Lightspeed” is the follow-up to previous singles “Tied Up,”and “Candied Tangerines.”

Life was good when Jon Bryant got the inspiration for what was going to become his funky, soulful Psychidyllic Salutations EP. It was early 2020, when bars and restaurants were still very much open—and Bryant, while visiting Los Angeles, had dropped by thehistoric Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel pool for a lazy Sunday lounge. But what started out as a solo mission for a margarita and a dip turned into a much more substantial social affair, as a larger group took Bryant into their party’s wing.

It wasn’t long after that experience that Bryant found himself back at home in Vancouver, with the world shutting down. The polar contrast of going from “being more alive than ever” to being stuck inside kept bringing him back to that perfect day in LA, which had eventually turned into a perfect night as well. So, Bryant decided to write music about it, following up his acclaimed 2019 LP Cult Classic, written in the aftermath of leaving the NXIVM cult, and the subsequent EPs, Half Bad and Back to Love.

Jon Bryant on “Lightspeed:”

“This song is about change,” “How fast it can happen. I remember during the week before COVID shut our lives down, I was out alone one night and suddenly realized the people I was with 30 minutes ago were gone, and I was with a whole new crew. It hit me pretty hard and I got thinking about how incredible moments and opportunities pass us by. How people we’ve known for so long change and its hard to accept that sometimes. I like change but I don’t want it to happen too fast…or get left behind.”


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