John Glacier Announces “Duppy Gun” EP

John Glacier Announces "Duppy Gun"
John Glacier Photo by Simon Wheatley

Even before the release of her debut project SHILOH: Lost For Words, Hackney-born rapper, producer and poet John Glacier has been a totemic force in London’s hallowed rap scene. Standout collaborations with the likes of Babyfather and LYAM instilled her promise, while her first project compounded it; a surreal, diaristic daydream through the inner-psyche of one of UK music’s most beguiling minds.

Today, John Glacier announces her second project of the year, Duppy Gun, with a brand new Kwes Darko-produced single, “Steady As I Am.”

The opener on Duppy Gun, “Steady As I Am” feels like an autobiographical amble from Glacier’s inner psyche. A subtle, yet authoritative affirmation of who she is, the track is the epitome of letting her output do the talking. Set to a hypnotic, looping melody, Glacier’s trademark deadpan flow takes on new rhythmic importance over a skipping, skittering percussive line. “Steady As I Am” feels like an internal monologue that Glacier is inviting the listener in on, unlocking new levels of the kind of intimacy that her work has now become synonymous with; part affirmation, part declaration.

After a release as diverse as Like A Ribbon, John Glacier’s Duppy Gun follows in the same free-form, experimental spirit of its predecessor. Its skeleton is built upon rap, but uncovering all its layers is a richly eclectic experience. Shades of dancehall, electronic music, ambience and so much more echo throughout the project’s five tracks, providing a unique atmosphere that feels just about as personal and diaristic as we’ve heard from Glacier so far. Released on 20th June, Duppy Gun is just another chapter in that diary from John Glacier; one of the UK’s most beguiling musical talents, crafting new worlds to invite the listener into.

To celebrate the releases of both Like A Ribbon and Duppy Gun, John Glacier will perform her debut headline show at London’s ICA venue on 31st July 2024.

Pre-save Duppy Gun HERE.


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