“Intermittent Fast Living” by PET NEEDS

PET NEEDS have announced details of the February 16 release of the band’s forthcoming studio album, Intermittent Fast Living. The band’s third studio release in as many years, Intermittent Fast Living is inspired by the relentless, breathless, stop-start lifestyle PET NEEDS have found themselves living in recent times.

Led by the blazing, punk-bristled offering “Separation Anxiety,” the album’s first single unfolds as a warped interpretation of the traditional love song. With breakneck instrumentals, runaway riffs and offbeat declarations of an undying devotion, “Separation Anxiety” captures PET NEEDS’ fun-focused and frenetic approach to music-making, but also their knack for injecting life’s deeper deliberations into the mix.

“‘Separation Anxiety’ is an unconventional, subverted love song about my wife Lorna,” frontman Johnny Marriott says. “We have been together almost 15 years and had never spent more than two weeks apart until last year. I know Lorna would absolutely cringe at anything too over-sincere, so shouting that I love her more than anyone else does is more her style!”

Pre-order Intermittent Fast Living HERE.


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