“In the Meantime” By Major Murphy

Major Murphy has shared a new video for “In the Meantime,” the second single off their forthcoming release Access, available April 2, 2021 via Winspear (Barrie). “In the Meantime,” directed by Jacob Bullard and Matthew Bouwense.

“In the Meantime” is an expression of anxiety and claustrophobia written in the wake of the terrifying experience of Bullard and Warren’s young son suffering from lead poisoning. The song’s lyrics search for strength in a moment of trapped uncertainty: “When the whole world crumbles down, I won’t be lost / I will evaporate and turn into a fog / I wonder where I’ll fall / In the meantime, I’ll survive.” Bolstered by mountains of guitars and a hope-lined chorus featuring Bullard and Warren singing in perfect harmony, “In the Meantime” exemplifies the emotional forthrightness and melodic undeniability that runs throughout Access.

Access was recorded at Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN between late 2018 and early 2020 with Mike Bridavsky and Ben Lumsdaine, Access finds the Grand Rapids, MI-based group summoning an exhilarating, teenage feeling of musical possibility as they navigate the uncertainty of artistic life and Jacob & Jacki’s newfound parenthood while seeking a sense of agency in the new unknown. With a sturdy and poetic architecture housing some of the most inviting, immediate rock music of this young decade, the nine songs on Access are a crystallization of Jacob Bullard and his band’s burgeoning ambition.

As Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) writes in the Access bio: “it’s an album that’s remarkably cohesive – a striking relic in an age where ardent and true “album-making” is a fading art form. In nine songs, it somehow takes a listener backwards & forwards at once, reckoning with intrinsic anxieties while conceptualizing a fantastical and vibrant happening, soothing in its familiar, occasionally childlike tone.”

Major Murphy
​Track list

1. Access
2. Attention
3. In the Meantime
4. Unfazed
5. Real
6. Rainbow
7. Tear It Apart
8. Flower
9. Blind

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