“I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To” by Jackson Macintosh

Jackson MacIntosh recently shared the music video for his single “I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To” from his debut solo album ‘My Dark Side’ out now. The love story is captured in just a minute and 45 seconds, by friend Zoe Koke. She says of the making of the video:

“In my mind, Jackson’s music casts him as a character in a familiar 80’s movie that was entirely shot after sunset: in nightclubs, a roller rink, the neighbourhood. The video for “I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To” is a sketch at trying to capture the accessible melancholy in his music. It’s like clips from the b-roll of this movie about lost love that we have all seen.”

Jackson MacIntosh’s resume pinpoints him as near the epicenter of the recent explosion in fantastic pop music currently being forged in the city of Montreal and exported the world over. He spent 2016 and 2017 deploying funky, percolating bass lines on the road for indie pop outfit TOPS. He recorded and engineered the last two albums for labelmate Homeshake at his now-defunct home Montreal studio and venue, Drones Club. He has collaborated with cherished LA weirdo Drugdealer as well as Montreal’s Bernardino Femminielli, all in addition to fronting the masterfully hooky power pop band Sheer Agony.

My Dark Side was recorded over three years and two break-ups and is as confessional as it is casual: a collection of songs that oozed out of necessity

Jackson Macintosh
My Dark Side

1 – Can It Be Love?
2 – Lulu
3 – The Grass
4 – I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To
5 – My Dark Side
6 – Peter Pan
7 – Pretty Clear
8 – Quotation
9 – Can’t Stop Holding
10 – When To Turn The Lights Back On