“I Just Want A House” Iguana Death Cult

"I Just Want A House" Iguana Death Cult is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the Dutch band's album Echo Palace
Iguana Death Cult photo by Photo by Tom van Huisstede

Last month Iguana Death Cult released their LP Echo Palace, the full-length is now out via Innovative Leisure. The band had previously shared three singles, “Oh No,” “Pushermen,” and “Sensory Overload.” Recently, The Dutch group have dropped the LP’s final single “I Just Want A House,” described by them, as a “funky millennial nihilist anthem.”

On the track, the band wrote:

“O the trouble we’ve found ourselves in! Young people are struggling to find a decent place to live, summers have gotten so hot that vast areas of land are turning into scorched earth, not only is there a patch of plastic in the ocean the size of Texas, apparently we swallow a credit card’s worths of microplastic per person every week. Human greed has pushed us to the limits of existence. But since we wrote this groovy dancing song about it, we’re probably not even close to being scared enough.”

“Because we were playing shows in the UK, we weren’t able to work on this video ourselves, so we gave Hache complete freedom to make what he wanted. He joined forces with his actor friend Nol Klis and artist Helia Rafi, who made the 3D render. ‘The idea for the video was about somebody trying to run away from the city and decided to live in the forest by himself. But you can’t run away from yourself!’ says Hache. I think it covers the message of the song very well since it’s about having trouble keeping up in a rapidly changing world and the desire to have a place of your own.”

Iguana Death Cult
Echo Palace
Innovative Leisure

01. Paper Straws
02. Echo Palace
03. Pushermen
04. Sunny Side Up
05. Sensory Overload
06. Conference to Conference
07. I Just Want a House
08. Oh No
09. Rope a Dope
10. Heaven in Disorder
11. Radio Brainwave

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