Holy Golden debuts “Wheel of Fortune”

Holy Golden debuts new single and video for "Wheel of Fortune"
Holy Golden by Dana Trip

Holy Golden is comprised of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti. The two met serendipitously during a lunar eclipse on the island of Martha’s Vineyard when Leslie, an actress visiting from Los Angeles, decided to walk five miles across the island and happened upon the record store where Andrew was working. Andrew wrote down his band’s email address on a business card and gave it to Leslie, suggesting she come to a concert that night. She bought a few CDs and left, assuming she’d probably never see him again, but as the ferry was about to leave the harbor, she ran off the boat and found the concert. Traveling back and forth between Martha’s Vineyard and Los Angeles, the duo began crafting mythological mini-worlds into music, music videos, short films, and photo stories.

Holy Golden’s sound blends euphoric dream-pop and twangy lo-fi garage rock to create a style that evokes Dolly Parton backed by The xx. Andrew’s self-taught guitar technique, inspired by John Fahey and Stephen Malkmus, pairs with Leslie’s pop-influenced songwriting to produce songs that feel both candid and mysterious. Their creative process is a labyrinthian breadcrumb trail fueled by their deepest sorrows and brightest fantasies, which ultimately leads them towards an imaginative kingdom of sound.

Holy Golden on “Wheel of Fortune”

“Wheel of Fortune is about extreme emotions, the cycles of life, and the knowledge that what goes around comes around. We were inspired by the tarot card of the same name and our personal methods of using intuition to center ourselves throughout the ups and downs of life. We filmed and edited the music video ourselves, pairing stop motion cardistry with celestial backdrops to bring to life different characters from the tarot deck – The Magician, The Devil, Strength, The Sun, and finally The World.The song is an admittance of the evils that live within each of us, but more importantly, that we have the power to create our own destiny and choose to embody love over everything else.”