Health&Beauty Share Details Of New Album

HEALTH&BEAUTY have announced their new album, Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure, will be available on November 22, via Wichita Recordings
HEALTH&BEAUTY 'Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure'

Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure, is the forthcoming release from Chicago band Health&Beauty. The full-length might indicate a passing of the torch. The recording features a large cast of musicians from the outfit’s past and its present helping the band’s founder and sole constant Brian J Sulpizio achieve his idiosyncratic vision—a sound and ethos he’s been kicking around, retooling, and finessing for more than 15 years, a few years after moving to Chicago from his native Defiance, Ohio in 2000. Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure is due to arrive on November 22nd, via Wichita Recordings.

Along with the news of the album, Health&Beauty have shared the lead track, “Rat Shack”. Sulpizio says of it: “Owning a home brings security and comfort, a feeling that you’ve “made it.” What does a person sacrifice for that feeling of comfort? For the generation of people reaching the home-buying age today, is purchasing a house even a wise financial decision? Should contemporary domestic partnerships be defined to include business decisions or does relying on one another in this way complicate our more basic reliances (physical touch, sex, daily meals) in a way that is fundamentally destructive to them? Does our desire for a sense of long-term security lead us to decisions that prevent us from feeling a sense of security in the present? Listen to Rat Shack to find out…”

Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure
Wichita Recordings

1. Saturday Night
2. Yr Wives
3. Rat Shack
4. Clown
5. Lack
6. Bottom Leaves
7. Judy
8. Escaping Error
9. Recourse
10. Love Can Be Kind


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