Rat Wars by HEALTH album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions. The trio's full-length drops on December 8th via Loma Vista


Rat Wars


Let’s dive into the electro-metal labyrinth that is HEALTH’s Rat Wars. This album, slated for release on December 7th, is like a wild ride through a neon-soaked underground club scene in the heart of Europe. Picture it: strobe lights flashing, the bass vibrating through the walls, and a pulsating energy that’s as contagious as it is relentless

From the get-go, Demigods thrusts you into the chaos, setting the tone for what seems like a soundtrack tailor-made for a high-octane action sequence. The cinematic quality is undeniable, and you can almost envision a frenetic fight scene unfolding in a gritty club, à la John Wick. It’s a sonic rollercoaster, driven by dynamic compositions that keep you on the edge, much like the adrenaline rush of a midnight dance floor.

The techno-metal fusion in Future Of Hell is a standout, pulling you into the heart of an underground dance club with an infectious groove. It’s a testament to HEALTH’s creative prowess, showcasing their ability to transport listeners to a specific atmosphere. The transition between tracks, like the seamless flow from Hateful into (Of All Else), further enhances the album’s immersive quality, keeping the energy flowing like a DJ mixing beats in a dimly lit venue.

Children of Sorrow and Don’t Try continue this cinematic journey, immersing you in a landscape that’s both intense and visually evocative. These tracks, like scenes from a film, paint a vivid picture with their music. It’s almost disappointing, then, when the narrative thread starts to unravel. The album, while undeniably fun, feels like a collection of disjointed stories rather than a cohesive tale.

As you dance your way through the sonic landscape, you start to realize that Rat Wars lacks the depth of a compelling narrative. It’s more like a series of exhilarating moments strung together without a central plot. The album, while showcasing the undeniable talent of HEALTH, leaves you craving a more profound connection, a story to tie it all together.

In essence, Rat Wars is a good album with some seriously catchy tunes, making it an ideal companion for a night of underground revelry or a thrilling action movie. It’s a musical experience that excels in intensity and atmosphere, but don’t expect a narrative masterpiece. It’s like a vivid painting with brilliant colors but lacking a unifying theme—a captivating snapshot of a moment in time, rather than an epic tale.

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