Hanssøn Debuts “Always High” and “Dead Wood”

Hanssøn debuts videos for "Dead Wood" and "Always High"

Hanssøn, the Harlem-based singer/songwriter was born in Sydney, Australia, until the pursuit of a musical career would land her in Brisbane. As a formally trained singer-songwriter, and producer that is wholeheartedly devoted to her craft, Hanssøn furthered her professional career as a vocal pedagogue, promptly awarded with a scholarship to study in New York. Experiencing different cultures, places and people is a huge driving creative force and before committing to this cross-continental jump, Hanssøn travelled to London, where she lived and worked for six months.

Recently, Hanssøn announced her brand new full-length Colurs of the Fall, will be released on November 8th, the album was produced with David Sisko. ahead of the release, Hanssøn has given fans a taste, with videos for “Always High and “Dead Wood.”

“I was done with fitting in with what a stereotypical woman should be.” – The songstress comments on the project’s writing sessions – “I was done playing small. I was done with having to be the nurturing one. That was an enormous awakening for me while writing this album. I didn’t even think of this as a feminist album. I’m just telling the fucking truth.”

Now fully immersed in New York’s underground artistic scene, Hanssøn has been building side by side with like-minded creatives from around the world for the past eight years. After a relationship breakup, Hansson bought a van and took her passionate melodies on a self-booked 40-date tour across the U.S.

Hanssøn on “Always High” and Dead Wood;”

“”Always High” and “Dead Wood” narrate this mental bondage, announcing the turning point she found herself at. “Always High” and “Dead Wood” take a long stern look at all the life experience gathered, ultimately, resorting in a conscious choice to let it go.”

Colours of the Fall

01. Always High
02. Fuck Fog
03. Switchblade
04. Dead Wood
05. Iceberg
06. Weather Warning
07. If The World Was Ending
08. Ode
09. Epilogue
10. (Bonus Track) Steal My Sunshine


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