Guided By Voices Share New Single

Guided By Voices Share New Single. The new 'Motivational Jumpsuit' LP from Guided By Voices comes Out February 18th On GBV Inc.

Motivational Jumpsuit is the latest, bestest release by reunited indierock (whatever that means) juggernaut (means an unstoppable force) Guided By Voices. It speaks in several silvery tongues, and like last year’s English Little League takes many routes to the same shimmery, elusive destination: rock greatness. Its twenty songs (in thirty-eight minutes!) range from the shaggy Who Sell Out pop–pourri of “Evangeline Dandelion” to the lurching, rifferific “Planet Score,” breezing briskly through every worthwhile rock und roll style sheet along the way. Pollard and co.’s influences are by now so thoroughly assimilated that Guided By voices referents are mostly to other Guided By Voices songs/eras: “Save The Company” calls to mind GBV’s Bee Thousand/Alien Lanes lo-fi glory daze, while “Vote For Dummy” could be from Isolation Drills. For instance.

Recent intramural turmoil aside (Guided By Voices has a long history of members qutting/getting fired/posting private correspondence online/waking up in the gutter), the band has never sounded more cohesive.

This is the fifth record (in three years) by New Era GBV, and there will be more. This is not counting the eleventy-three solo albums/side projects frontman Robert Pollard has released under his own name and various proxies. The listener may be forgiven a certain degree of bewilderment at the sound feast spread before him, but rest assured, this is the result of hard labor by a restlessly inventive musical mastermind. You can dig in anywhere you like, but you will always come back for more. Like a star to every wandering bark, Guided By Voices is as constant as love. You can’t say better than that.

‘Motivational Jumpsuit’ LP Tracklisting

01. The Littlest League Possible
02. Until Next Time
03. Writer’s Bloc (Psycho All The Time)
04. Child Activist
05. Planet Score
06. Jupiter Spin
07. Save The Company
08. Go Without Packing
09. Record Level Love
10. I Am Columbus
11. Difficult Outburst And Breakthrough
12. Calling Up Washington
13. Zero Elasticity
14. Bird With No Name
15. Shine (Tomahawk Breath)
16. Vote For Me Dummy
17. Some Things Are Big (And Some Things Are Small)
18. Bulletin Borders
19. Evangeline Dandelion
20. Alex And The Omegas

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