Grand Pavillion share their track”Weightless”

Grand Pavillion share their track "Weightless" the first single off their 'Secrets' EP, which will be released later this year in two different parts

Written, recorded, and produced entirely independently, “Weightless” is the first single from Australian electronic-indie-pop duo Grand Pavilion.

Consisting of members Tom Hunt and Stu McNair, Grand Pavilion recorded their debut EP Secrets (out later this year) in two phases – the entire instrumentals while in their home town of Brisbane, and the vocals while travelling and working in the UK in late 2013. Combining their love of textures, layered samples and rhythms, Hunt and McNair incorporate real instruments into their electronic blend to create a transformative and immersive sound.

The first single off the Secrets EP, “Weightless” is a slow building reflection of youthful innocence, and the freedom that comes with no responsibilities. Musically channelling the lightness and sound of summer, and lyrically contemplating ideas of not wanting to grow up, and not wanting to let go, “Weightless” talks about the nostalgia of being carefree growing up in the central coast town of Byron Bay and the relationships which grew from there.


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