“Golden Mile” Live By Daniel Rossen

"Golden Mile" Live By Daniel Rossen is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off his LP Live At Pioneertown & Santa Fe
Daniel Rossen photo credit Photo credit: Natalie Escobedo

Singer/songwriter Daniel Rossen embarked on a unique and intimate tour in support of his critically acclaimed 2022 debut LP You Belong There. He took to the road solo, with no crew or fancy equipment. Armed with just a few acoustic guitars and a small amp packed into his car, he embraced the simplicity and rawness of his performances. Out of this, Live At Pioneertown & Santa Fe was born and will be released this Friday, July 28, via Warp Records. Today, Rossen shares a new, live rendition of “Golden Mile” from his beloved 2012 solo debut EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile.

The live album follows the release of his A24 film score for Past Lives, composed by Rossen and bandmate Christopher Bear of Grizzly Bear.

Daniel Rossen –
Live At Pioneertown & Santa Fe
Track list
Warp Records

01. Unpeopled Space
02. Silent Song
03. Shadow In The Frame
04. Golden Mile
05. Repeat The Pattern
06. Made To Rise
07. Phantom Other
08. Kathleen
09. Return To Form
10. It’s A Passage
11. Saint Nothing
12. Kentucky Waltz

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