Gold Flake Paint Premieres Snowblind Traveler’s “Confederate Burial”

Gold Flake Paint Premieres Snowblind Traveler's "Confederate Burial, out July 17th
Gold Flake Paint Premieres Snowblind Travelers "Confederate Burial"


Snowblind Traveler, Long Island born songwriter Matt Dorrien, plays the song of the common man. His music is inspired by the rolling expanse of middle America, the fog and lichen draped cathedral of redwoods of the northwest, the lulling whisper of a New England blizzard, the sorely disappointed, the dearly loved, the true and honest, those who are lost and forgotten, the living, dead and eternal.  For those who have ever slept under a blanket of Big Sur stars and drank whiskey until you forgot your own name: this is for you.

Snowblind Traveler’s new full-length album, Confederate Burial, is due out on July 17, 2014.  It was recorded by Ben Burney and Josh Quever of Papercuts.

Premiere it here

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Track Listing
1. Confederate Burial
2. Lobster
3. Winter Wren
4. San Francisco Shanghai
5. Lazy Stream
6. Dead Man
7. Mill Valley
8. Osprey
9. Steven

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