“glitterheart” by valleygirl

valleygirl is the project of Los Angeles actor-singer-dancer-songwriter Max Sheldon. The artist frequently felt at odds with his queer identity and his chubby body. Like a best friend with a warm hug, pop music became the place he could escape into where his deepest desires, fears, and insecurities were figures to dance with, rather than secrets to hide away from. Valleygirl is a love letter to that little boy and to anybody who needs someone to invite them onto the dance floor as if to say, “every bit of you is worthy of celebration, joy, and love. Here you are safe to be the magically fluid, ever-evolving truest version of you that you want to be.” Earnest lyrics about falling in and out of love with yourself blend with epic pop, Neo-disco sounds to invite you to the dance floor to cry it out, sweat it out, move through it all, and love harder the next time.


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