Glass Heart String Choir Debut “It’s Never Enough”

Glass Heart String Choir debut "It's Never Enough"
Glass Heart String Choir

Glass Heart String Choir is Comprised of Seattle based Ian Williams and Katie Mosehauer, who construct their music around Mosehauer’s musical compositions and the worlds around Williams poetry. Together they create a deep lush and textured sound, which you can hear on their new single “It’s Never Enough.” The track follows their previous single “Stars.” The duo just returned from a tour of New Zealand. They play their next show on March 24th in Portland, Oregon.

Glass Heart String Choir on “It’s Never Enough:”

An encapsulation of restlessness, back-of-the-mind dread, and fear of an unknown future; these currents that sweep through the beautiful poem by Russia’s celebrated poet Arseny Tarkovsky (translated magnificently by British author Virginia Rounding) are what drew me in and pulled me under. What are we doing with our days? Today the sun shines, the flowers bloom, but our mind doesn’t live here. We prod at the film of time that surrounds us, through its warping curve we see that the future is not so bright, and we’ve learned nothing from the past.


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