Glasgow-based Indie-pop Rockers Golden Grrrls Will Release their Debut Self-titled LP on Slumberland Records February 26th

Glasgow’s Golden Grrrls are Eilidh Rodgers, Ruari MacLean and Rachel Aggs. What began as bedroom guitar experimentation soon bloomed into a fully-formed pop language inspired by the 80s New Zealand and Australian indie pop scenes, DIY punk and Glasgow’s own rich pop history (think The Vaselines, The Pastels). Drummer Eilidh Rodgers’ loose-cannon drumming and lead vocals have framed MacLean’s baritone from the beginning, with newest member Rachel Aggs (also of Trash Kit). Golden Grrrls’ first releases exemplified the lo-fi aesthetic they came from. Now long sold out, the two previous 7″s on Night School married the roughed-up recording dynamic with a boisterous, melodic sense that has blossomed further on this, their self-titled debut LP.

Track list:
1. New Pop
2. Past Tense
3. Paul Simon
4. Think Of The Ways
5. Older Today
6. Take Your Time
7. Time Goes Slow
8. World Peace
9. Never Said Enough
10. Date It
11. We’ve Got…

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