“Getting Closer” by Calva Louise

The new video by UK band Calva Louise, was filmed by good friend of the band, Georges Hauchard-Heutte. Who has saw his work, ‘La Légende du vieux Prigent” premiere in a parisian cinema. Hauchard-Heutte also worked on Luck Besson’s new film, ‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’.

Showing lead singer, Jessica Allanic, wrapped in cling-film whilst watching herself play in the band, sums up this weird, wonderful, but brilliant song.

Of the track, the band said: “Getting Closer deals with the inner struggle young adults might experience when their lives seem to be on standby and impatience kicks in. There seems to be two voices in our minds at that moment: one that is loud and tells us everything is pointless and a quieter and satirical one that tells us to just keep going on.”

Getting Closer was recorded and produced by Margo Broom (Fat White Family/ Catholic Action) at Hermitage Studios.


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