Gabriella Marinaro Streams New EP Inner Space

Gabriella Marinaro Streams New EP Inner Space. The Los Angeles singer/songwriter's album, is now available via various DSPs
Gabriella Marinaro Streams New EP Inner Space

Gabriella Marinaro shares her debut EP Inner Space – produced by Stefan Skarbek (former Amy Winehouse producer) and mixed and mastered by engineers David Kim and James Krausse. With the release of the EP, the emerging young pop artist also shares her new single “Crawling Back To You”, a song the she says is about “falling for someone who treats you badly and loving them unconditionally, chasing that feeling of when it’s good – even if it’s only a fragment of your relationship, and amitting you will crawl on back to that person who will always do you wrong.

When I moved back to Los Angeles my first relationship was with an egotistical musician. He treated me horribly and I knew it. Although I loved him in some way, I endured the pain because it helped me write.”

The EP reflects the many shades of the artist’s struggle returning to Los Angeles after living in Rome, her battle with mental health and how that was reflected in her relationships. “While I tried to collaborate and make sense of my music, it was creatively disheartening when the priority for the producers was trying to make a ‘hit’. I am a bit all over the place and this EP is a way to make sense of myself and to close a memorable chapter of my life that I think a lot of people can relate to. Your mind and thoughts are your own and you are living in your Inner Space.” -Gabriella Marinaro

Gabriella Marinaro
Inner Space EP
Track List

01. Crawling Back To You
02. Buco Nero
03. Goodnight Moon
04. DOTP (Drunk On This Planet)
05. Heart Eatin’ Darlin’ (Post Pop Remix)

Born in Los Angeles to a family deeply rooted in its Italian heritage, Gabriella Marinaro is a singer-songwriter whose sound evokes the freedom of an analog world interpreted through the perspective of a modern-day woman.


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