“Fuetazo” By Isabella Lovestory ft: Villano Antillano

Isabella Lovestory recently debuted single “Fuetazo,” The track features Puerto Rican rapper Villano Antillano. Alongside the single, Isabella is also unveiling the track’s official music video that she conceived herself and co-directed alongside JMP (Freddie Gibbs, Pusha T, Destroy Lonely). A trailblazer in her own right at the forefront of alternative Latin music, Isabella joins forces with Villano Antillano, who was most recently praised by NPR as “one of the most exciting voices in Latin trap and reggaeton right now” to deliver a dominant and assertive anthem that puts the two artists’ striking personalities front and center.

The Honduran artist wrapped her Laticonica tour this summer, with dates in San Diego and made stops in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Toronto before heading to Europe for Primavera Sound festival plays in Barcelona, Madrid, and Porto. In Madrid, she met Villano where the two went to the studio after playing a show together and wrote “Fuetazo” in one night. The quick meeting and fleeting moment was encapsulated in the word “Fuetazo” which translates to a quick, but strong punch.

“Fuetazo” is a song about the celebration of freedom. A bad bitch anthem, it’s anti-romantic as two latinx LGBTQ icons come together in this experimental perreo, abrasive yet elegant and indestructible as their bold personalities. Villano Antillano (Aries) and Isabella Lovestory (Saggitarius) unite as mermaids to celebrate their strength and spontaneity. Sonically, combining Kamixlo and Dinamarca’s production, it’s industrial, spacious and dynamic, with a dark atmosphere that serves as a perfect backgrop for Isabella and Villano’s luscious vocals. Lyrically, it talks about making hits, making moves and being fearless.

The ‘real’ Isabella is a reflection of her childhood experiences, the soundtracks to her memories. In her hometown of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, she absorbed the music of reggaeton artists like Wisin y Yandel and Plan B; her cooler older cousins would blast DJ Playero at family parties. Her father, a radio DJ, exposed her to alternative rock from The Cure and The Smiths. While alone, she obsessively transcribed lyrics to pop songs by Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani off the radio. After moving to the US and later Canada as a teenager, she discovered American rap music from artists like Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne’s Young Money, and rap mutations via MIA, Kreayshawn, and Lil B.

Isabella likes extremes. Her songs are stories of love, sex, life, and the rage, ecstasy, and humor in it all. “Love can be nasty and violent, it’s not always a sugary fairytale. Sex is liberating and the most primal creative expression, but this same feeling can be found in other sides of life, not everything sexy is about sex. Desire vs. freedom. Parallels and unusual dichotomies, poetry in lust. Expressing sins is healing.”

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