Frenchkiss Label Group Signs Three New Labels

Frenchkiss Label Group Signs Three New Labels Announces Northside Festival Showcase Sunday, June 15th At Muchmore’s 1-6pm

Bear Kids Recordings is a boutique microlabel based in Decatur, Georgia. Bear Kids focuses on putting out excellent music by a growing family of regional artists in artful physical releases to accompany digital distribution. Most physical releases are limited to small editions and crafted with absolute love and care, sometimes by hand and sometimes with the help of a few small likeminded companies.

Bear Kids Recordings was started in name in 2010 by Justin Green to self-release his band Black Spots’ music. The label was re-launched in 2013 as a more serious endeavor and is slowly but steadily growing into a family of bands and artists that embody and embrace the spirit of craftsmanship and artistry.

Recent releases include albums from South Carolina’s cello-playing siren Sarah Clanton Schaffer and alt-folk five-piece Annabelle’s Curse out of Virginia, with several new releases on the horizon from other regional folk, pop, and indie rock artists.

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Miscreant Records was founded in 2011 by Jeanette Wall, in connection with The Miscreant fanzine, which just celebrated its 50th issue. SSWAMPZZ’s Sleeper EP was Miscreant’s first release in March of 2012, followed by tape and vinyl releases from QUARTERBACKS and Dumb Talk. Currently, the label works with a group of fine folks and friends including Daniel Klag, Bad Cello, Comfy, and many more to come. The label was founded to bring together good people and amazing music.

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PERSONAL PROJECTS was founded in 2008 by Pete F from Brooklyn post-punk/psychedelic/synth mainstays DINOWALRUS for the purpose of releasing DINOWALRUS records and related projects (Blizzardo, Lawless, Isometrix) in a truly self-sufficient, independent manner.  PERSONAL PROJECTS is teaming up with the Frenchkiss Label Group to release the third DINOWALRUS album, COMPLEXION, on June 3, 2014.  Personal Projects refers to an unwavering creative energy that exists as a double-agent, acting both within and outside the traditional relationships of art+commerce; work+leisure.

Frenchkiss Label Group

Northside Showcase

Dinowalrus (Personal Projects)
Penicillin Baby (Jeffery Drag Records)
Johnny Aries (of The Drums/Frenchkiss Records)
Comfy (Miscreant Records)

At Muchmore’s
2 Havemeyer St.
Brooklyn, NY
Free 1-6pm


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