“French Class” By Pony

Pony have released their newest single, “French Class.” The Canadian group is, comprised of Sam Bielanski and her partner/collaborator Pretty Matty. The Canadian duo create songs and melodies they describe as perfect music to play in a throwback teen-age rom-com. “French Class” builds on that theme, with a sugary chorus ready for the dance floor: “My heart breaks / With every breath they take / Cause I know I know / they’ll never be mine.” The single and music video also mark the first release of songs originally written as part of the band’s TV and songwriting podcast 2 MUCHTV.“French Class” is the follow-up to “Peach” and “Did It Again”, two standalone singles released in summer 2022 to critical acclaim.

Bielanski explains, “‘French Class’ is inspired by season one/episode six of the TV show Sex Lives of College Girls. I wanted to capture the rush of desire that accompanies a new potential love interest or crush – that palpable sense of longing you might feel wanting someone you don’t believe you are good enough for. That type of young love is so electric. It feels so good and so bad at the same time.”

Over the last two years, Bielanski and Pretty Matty have collectively written more than 200 songs. Each is a mini-exploration of the most relatable feelings, including the pitfalls of falling hard and fast, and the all-consuming dread and worry that comes with the mundane decisions of daily life.

A series of new singles set to be released throughout 2022 marks the continued evolution of PONY as increasingly prolific songwriters. “Did It Again”, “Peach” and “French Class” build upon the distinctive blend of nostalgic sonic elements paired with contemporary millennial and Gen Z themes that made their debut album, TV Baby in 2021.


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