Free Time-“Esoteric Tizz” 7 Inch Out 8/19

Free time "esoteric Tizz" 7 inch out 8/19 on underwater peoples records. tracks inclue "esoteric Tizz" and "guess work"
Free Time Release New 7 Inch

Free Time’s new 7″ for Underwater Peoples pairs the saturnine “Guess Work” with the uptempo flip “Esoteric Tizz.” The double A-side presents a unique juxtaposition of form, a spaced-out, pastoral take on the nature of love contrasted with a hectic pop exploration of what it can mean to live a double life.

Free Time is Melbourne expat Dion Nania on guitar and vocals, Jonah Maurer on guitar, Mike Mimoun on drums, and Eric Harm on bass – though the 7″ features original bassist Adrienne Humblet. Opener “Esoteric Tizz” is a bursting, fast-paced ride from the start. 

Alternatively, “Guess Work” is an atmospheric ballad highlighted by it’s impressive tonal technique. Recorded by Real Estate’s Martin Courtney, the song offers a full palette of corrugated timbres and warmer hues, drawing inspiration from Kevin Ayers and Leonard Cohen. These two slices of guitar gold are the newest work since Free Time’s 2013 self-titled debut.

Both releases feature artwork by Sylvia Jeffriess.

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