Fort Romeau Shares New Track “All I Want”

Fort Romeau has shared his new single "All I want" off his forthcoming release 'Insides,'

On March 31st Fort Romeau will release his sophomore album, Insides via Ghostly. He’s previously shared the title track and “Not A Word” single, today he returns with “All I Want,” the final pre-release taste from the album.

Fort Romeau’s idea of “slow listening,” is a concept of enriching relationships with music through careful attention and focus. His understated take on deep, groove-friendly house started pushing this practice three years ago, when the producer’s debut LP, Kingdoms, appeared via 100% Silk. Fort Romeau’s sophomore album, is set for release on March 31st on Ghostly.

“Playing in clubs definitely had an affect on how I approach composition and pacing,” Greene shares. “I want to allow things to breathe and develop gradually over longer track lengths, rather than cram everything into four or five minutes.”

Throughout Insides, Fort Romeau guides us down misty corridors lined with supple synth pads, quietly thumping kicks, and elastic low-end sequences reinforced by an emotive confidence. Thick dancefloor cuts like “All I Want” and “Folle” are built on such satisfying elements — sounds so full-bodied, you’d swear they’re knocking against your bones. Old kosmiche, disco, and early electronic records are among the strongest influencers, and Fort Romeau used them as an impetus for creation. “It’s those strange and wonderful tracks that you find on the b-side of an old record that sparked my desire to make something new,” he shares, “but it’s very important for me never to feel like I’m making a pastiche.” Indeed, the sleek expanse of “Lately” and the title track’s jacking grooves take cues from buoyantly cosmic dance music. And yet it’s the personality of a young artist coming into his own that makes Insides such a graceful collection of house music, one that only further enriches the soul over time.

Fort Romeau – Insides
(Ghostly – March 31st)

1. New Wave
2. Folle
3. All I Want
4. Insides
5. Not A Word
6. IKB
7. Lately
8. Cloche

SXSW Schedule
Wednesday, March 18th – Ghostly International Showcase at Swan Dive – 12:00AM
Thursday, March 19th – Gorilla vs. Bear at Hype Hotel – 9:30PM
Thursday, March 19th – Plush – 11:30PM
Following SXSW Fort Romeau will play show is New York and Boston, dates listed below.
Friday, March 20th – Brooklyn, NY – Good Room
Saturday, March 21st – Boston, MA – Good Life

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