“Final Step” By ¿Téo?

“Final Step" By ¿Téo? is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“Final Step" By ¿Téo? is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Colombian-American singer songwriter ¿Téo? recently dropped “Final Step.” “This song is the final step before the album Luna — pun intended. People ask me, ‘why ¿Téo? with the question marks?’ A big aspect of it is the concept of totality. I’ve described the album to be a journey through many of the different sceneries/scenarios someone could experience while the moon is out. This song/chapter (‘Final Step’) embodies the energy of letting go and turning up. A time to feel more and think less. It’s definitely me leaning more into my Atlanta energy and embracing chaos.”

This past weekend ¿Téo? played to a rapt crowd at his first-ever appearance at Coachella. He was joined on stage by Jaden Smith, his frequent music collaborator and co-founder of the clothing company MSFTSrep. He returns to the desert this weekend for another set at Coachella on Friday, April 21. He of the few Latin artists confirmed this year and will also be part of a bill featuring longtime friend Willow Smith. The festival shows are the culmination of ¿Téo?’s headlining “Sol & Luna” North American tour which saw him playing across North America to sold-out rooms including New York City, Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco.

This spring ¿Téo? will drop new album Luna, which sonically aims to be the soundtrack of any nighttime happening, from a wild party, to a tender moment with a loved one, or reflective time alone. As a sister album to his previously released and critically acclaimed Sol, the upcoming LP aims to bridge the Americas with intentional mixtures of American and Spanish cultures.

Born in Atlanta, GA, Mateo Arias is the son of Colombian parents and was brought up in a bilingual world. He spent years of his young life acting in major television shows and films, so it’s no surprise that he views the music he makes as ¿Téo? with a highly cinematic eye. For Arias, the energy, and even the sounds themselves, come to him as colors, and the emotions always come straight from the heart.

Drawing from a vast well that includes hip-hop, alternative, reggaetón and even Brazilian bossa nova, ¿Téo? has organically developed a neo-American sound ever since the release of his 2017 debut single, “Uno Dos,” which featured longtime friend and collaborator Jaden Smith. With its hypnotizing vocals, cutting-edge production techniques, and vintage song structures and instrumentation, ¿Téo?’s music is modern yet nostalgic, enveloping the listener in a cloud of familiar warmth.


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