Feist announces new album ‘Pleasure’

Feist announces new album 'Pleasure'

Feist has announced the forthcoming release of her new album entitled Pleasure, out April 28th through Interscope Records. This will be the first album in six years and the fourth full-length from the Canadian singer/songwriter born Leslie Feist.

Pleasure is the followup to 2011’s Polaris Prize-winning Metals and finds the four-time Grammy Award nominee showing, once more, the depth of her artistry.

Recorded over the course of three months—in Stinson Beach, Upstate New York, and Paris — Pleasure was co-produced by Feist with longtime collaborators Renaud Letang and Mocky. In addition to reaffirming Feist’s guitar playing the album threads her often haunting vocals into sparse and raw arrangements.

Feist made her American debut in 2004 with Let It Die (featuring “Mushaboom”) which won the Juno Award for Best Alternative Rock Album. Her 2007 follow-up The Reminder debuted in the Top 20 in the U.S. and the single “1234” boosted the album’s sales to more than a million units internationally. Also including lead single “My Moon My Man,” The Reminder won Feist the 2007 Shortlist Music Prize (making her only the second woman to ever win the award).

After a several-year hiatus — during which she co-created Look At What The Light Did Now, a documentary about the making of The Reminder and her subsequent tour — Feist returned with Metals in 2011, winning the Polaris Prize and four Juno awards. You can see her perform live this summer at Toronto’s Field Trip Music Festival in June and Winnipeg Folk Festival in July.

1. Pleasure
2. I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
3. Get Not High,Get Not Low
4. Lost Dreams
5. Any Party
6. A Man Is Not His Song
7. The Wind
8. Century
9. Baby Be Simple
10. I’m Not Running Away
11. Young Up