“Family Van” by cleopatrick

cleopatrick’s new single “Family Van” was born out of frustration. “It’s an exercise in anger, and a conscious acknowledgement of the humble beginnings, independence, and DIY mentality that makes our band what we are,” says Luke Gruntz (guitarist/vocalist). The track is of their forthcoming debut release BUMMER, which was written, recorded and produced by the band and their close friend Jig Dubé. It will be released on the band’s own label Nowhere Special Recordings via The Orchard/Thirty Tigers on June 4th.

friends (guitarist/vocalist Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser) meet aged four in Hicksville, Nowheretown (real name: Cobourg, Ontario, population 19,000), grow up completely inseparable, form a band and, against numerous obstacles, blossom into a genuine, global underground sensation. There are heroes and villains, highs and lows and, crucially, some of the most poetic plot twists that could seem almost too perfect, were they not completely true.

Gruntz and Fraser’s love of AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ and hip hop (the pair cite Drake and Kendrick Lamar as particular obsessions) quickly seeped into their songwriting. Cemented in their abilities as a duo (“I don’t know how we could find a third member it worked as well with, even if we tried”), it became as integral an element within the sonic mix as the bands they’d first fallen in love with. And so, with the MO of making rock music that hit as strongly as the hip hop tracks they loved, but spoke honestly about the things they knew.

“Just three kids with some fuzz pedals and a point to prove,” explains Luke. Between multiple tours in the US, Canada and the UK/EU, including spots at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Reading/Leeds, the pair have been crafting BUMMER.

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