Evy Jane Announce ‘Closer’ EP for Ninja Tune

Evy Jane, the duo comprised of Evelyn Jane Mason and Jeremiah Klein, have today announced their EP for Ninja Tune, arriving August 26th. To celebrate the news they’ve premiered a new track off the EP, “Worry Heart”.

Evelyn Jane Mason and Jeremiah Klein met in Vancouver in 2011 and connected via a shared love of bass music, R&B and pop. Though their work is collaborative, Jeremiah blends lo-fi and hi-fi recording techniques as producer, with Evelyn providing startling vocals and frank lyrics using her voice as a malleable alien synth. The results are enthrallingly hazy.Evelyn and Jeremiah draw upon Vancouver’s mystical aura to create a world that mirrors and magnifies it. From self-directed videos to hypnotic songwriting, Evy Jane is inspired by the hooks and melodies of R&B as much as the sub low shudder of the UK’s shifting bass music spectrum and the ebb and swell of tidal synth washes and grainy atmospherics.

Title track “Closer” draws the listener into its swirling electronic textures, catchy melodies and bass. The effect is to be caught helpless in its current, and the combination with the song’s lyrical plea for further closeness is heady. “Nothing So Great” is a simply magical combination of synths rising gradually from heavy to urgent, commanding vocals describing the aftermath of a recurring nightmare.

Closer’s cover art was designed by Leif Podhajsky and the EP will be available digitally and on 12” vinyl, with pre-orders available via iTunes and Ninja Tune.

Closer Tracklisting

(August 26th, 2014 | Ninja Tune)

01. Closer

02. Nothing So Great

03. Sosoft

04. Worry Heart



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