“Everyday Sunflower” By Jason Collett

Just a couple days away from the arrival of his new album Head Full Of Wonder, singer/songrwriter Jason Collett has shared an animated video for the album track “Everyday Sunflower” created by the visual artist Anne Douris. A tale of comeuppance that follows the plight of a modern day sunflower in a classic hand-painted animation, “Everyday Sunflower” reflects both the simplicity and the depth of storytelling that Collett set out to explore on Head Full Of Wonder. Inspired in part by Allen Ginsberg’s poem Sunflower Sutra, the song is a simple reflection on everyday beauty and the best example of trying to say more with less on the record. Jason’s elegant lyrics inspire the album’s bright hue – produced by Marcus Paquin, featuring Liam O’Neill of SUUNS (drums), Mike O’Brien of TUNS (bass), Joe Grass (pedal steel, nylon guitar), Gavin Gardner (triangle), and Neil Quin, Carleigh Aikins, Meg Contini (background vocals) – to which Douris pays tribute with a sunswept and sardonic bow to resilience and the late-hanging summer. “Anne’s work is a marvel. I love the twisted sense of humour she brings to it,” Collett says. “She’s taken a little song and turned it into a biblical tale.”

Head Full Of Wonder finds the Toronto troubadour and scribe stepping out of his usual creative orbit, recording in Montreal with producer Marcus Paquin, joined by drummer Liam O’Neill, guitarist Joe Grass, and bassist Mike O’Brien. A distillation of the five years since his Song And Dance Man, these eleven new songs hone in on the fine craft of songwriting, offering a direct and simple collection of elegant indie folk, some of the finest creations and poignant of Collett’s storied career. “In absorbing the tumult of the times, there’s a lot of shit to write through, (that Bruce Cockburn line comes to mind, “you’ve got to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight”) and the challenge is to get to the other side with something positive to contribute,” he says. “I let go of some swagger and embraced intimacy and joy and wonder. I hear this in the record and it makes me very happy to have made it.

Jason Collett
Head Full of Wonder
Track List
Arts & Crafts Records

1. Dark Times
2. Everyday Sunflower
3. Milk and Honey
4. Just Before the Rain
5. Hot Mess
6. Have Some Fun
7. Silver Dollar Moon
8. Right On Woman
9. Closer to the Truth
10. Come on Sun
11. Up the River
12. Sweet Water Sea

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