“Euclidean Plane” by Ben Chatwin

Ben Chatwin recently released his new video for “Euclidean Plane”, the track comes off his current release Heat & Entropy. “The album deals with contradictions and opposing forces in a kind of symbiosis,” says Chatwin. “The challenge was seeing how far I could push both the acoustic and electronic elements resulting in simultaneous beauty and chaos.”

When asked about the video’s underwater context, director Nat Urazmetova describes the theme as “An unexplainable, visceral fascination with the mysterious otherworldliness of octopuses, the ethereal grace and the complexity of their behavior and temperament that magnetizes me the most.” She continues, “This is something I tried to capture in the video for Ben’s ravishing track, ‘Euclidean Plane’: delicacy and unpredictability, the strong physicality but also a shimmering illusion, the pulsation which might have the extraterrestrial source.”

Heat & Entropy is Ben Chatwin’s first record to be domestically released, via Ba Da Bing Records, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the Queensferry, Scotland-based musician. Having previously released under the name Talvihorros, Chatwin is already known for his innovative combination of electronic experimentation and modern classical composition. Heat & Entropy is an album of experimentation.

Heat & Entropy tracklist:

1. Inflexion
2. Gravitational Bodies
3. Standing Waves
4. Phantom Lights
5. Oscillations
6. The Kraken
7. Surface Tension
8. Euclidean Plane
9. Corpseways