Ethel Cain Shares “A House In Nebraska” Live

Ethel Cain Shares “A House In Nebraska" Live
Ethel Cain Shares “A House In Nebraska" Live

Ethel Cain has shared a live rendition of “A House In Nebraska.” The track is part of VEVO’s DSCVR Artists To Watch for 2023, The release happens alongside Ethel’s headlining tour, the Freezer Bride Tour, which has sold out numerous venues both Stateside and in Europe.

One of her most beloved tracks among her fans, “A House In Nebraska” is a torch song for lost loves and the spaces they inhabited. Languid and reverential, it encapsulates the sweeping, all-American ethos of Ethel Cain, where things burn slowly, sadly, and beautifully.

The daughter of a dead preacher-man caught in an exodus, Ethel Cain winds her way through a dizzying attempt at escape from her suffocating upbringing only to find herself crushed within its jaws in the end. Hayden Anhedönia, the woman behind the curtain, serves as the architect for the visceral and haunting world of Ethel Cain.

Ethel Cain
Preacher’s Daughter (Daughters of Cain)

1. Family Tree (Intro)
2. American Teenager
3. A House in Nebraska
4. Western Nights
5. Family Tree
6. Hard Times
7. Thoroughfare
8. Gibson Girl
9. Ptolemaea
10. August Underground
11. Televangelism
12. Sun Bleached Flies
13. Strangers


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