Ethel Cain Debuts New Single “Strangers”

Ethel Cain shares new single “Strangers”
Ethel Cain shares new single “Strangers”

Ethel Cain has shared “Strangers,” the final single off her forthcoming debut full-length Preacher’s Daughter, available May 12th. The new track follows the lead single, “Gibson Girl.” Cain collaborated on Preacher’s Daughter with a number of talented multi-instrumentalists including Matt Tomasi & Colyer, with Ethel serving as producer and writer across every facet of the creation process for each record. She plays record release shows on May 18, in Los Angeles and May 25, in Los Angeles.

“Strangers” is a bittersweet ballad that serves as a summation to the sonic space Cain traverses throughout Preacher’s Daughter. The dichotomy between dreamy, saccharine vocals and melancholic, anguished guitars creates the raw, emotive contrast that Cain is known for delicately piecing together.

Cain had this to say about “Strangers”: “This is the second song I wrote for this record, without the intention that it would become the ending. Looking back, I can’t imagine a more perfect resolution to this lineage. I think subconsciously, this song was always the end of the road. It’s the realization that some things cannot be avoided, only accepted, and that just because it isn’t a happy ending, doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. There is an ending in every beginning, and all things come back around in one strange way or another. You can’t change your past, nor anyone else’s, and the only real strength you have in this lifetime is your forgiveness.”

Ethel Cain
Preacher’s Daughter (Daughters of Cain)

1. Family Tree (Intro)
2. American Teenager
3. A House in Nebraska
4. Western Nights
5. Family Tree
6. Hard Times
7. Thoroughfare
8. Gibson Girl
9. Ptolemaea
10. August Underground
11. Televangelism
12. Sun Bleached Flies
13. Strangers

Ethel Cain 2022 Tour Dates

Album Release Shows
5/18 – Los Angeles, Masonic Lodge* (sold out)
5/25 – New York, Market Hotel


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