Ethan P. Flynn Shares “Crude Oil”

Multi-artist Ethan P. Flynn has returned with “Crude Oil”. The near-17-minute track is lifted from his debut album Abandon All Hope
Ethan P. Flynn by Danny Lowe

Multi-artist Ethan P. Flynn has returned with “Crude Oil”. The near-17-minute track is lifted from his debut album Abandon All Hope, available October 6, via Young (Romy, Sampha). The song evolved with him during that time and was only completed once the album was written. Recorded at Narcissus Studios across 2 days. Next month, Ethan P. Flynn will embark on his debut headline tour across the UK and Europe.

Speaking on the new single, Ethan P. Flynn says:

“The original six and a half minutes were written during a trepidatious time when I was worried about the future. I never felt like it was really finished after writing that and so I continued to add to it over the course of the year while I was experiencing a lot of transitions in my life. I was writing it when I probably should have been writing the album but it’s become a microcosm of the entire album. It’s about persecution. Being an artist, being someone who spends time alone, it is hard not to have feelings of paranoia. You need a delusion of grandeur to make anything in the first place, and that feeds into it.”

“Crude Oil” follows the release of “Abandon All Hope”, “Bad Weather” and “Clutching Your Pearls”, and is a window into the captivating storytelling and idiosyncratic productions to come on the full album. Across eight enriching songs, Flynn exhibits his captivating storytelling, eclectic productions, and idiosyncratic voice whilst recalling classic songwriters like Neil Young and Elliott Smith to explore feelings of longing and losing power to hope in situations of relationships, love, navigating anxiety, and the coming of age in the 21st century. It’s an album we must all hear.

Recently, Ethan P. Flynn launched his own record label of the same name. After collaborating with a host of familiar names including David Byrne and FKA twigs, Ethan P. Flynn set up the label to be the home for future collaborations, working with some of the UK’s most exciting new talents to create and release music in its purest form. Listen to the label’s first single “25 Meters.”

Ethan P. Flynn
Abandon All Hope

1. In Silence
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Clutching Your Pearls
4. No Shadow
5. Leaving The Boys Behind
6. Bad Weather
7. Crude Oil
8. Demolition

Ethan P. Flynn 2023 Tour Dates

22 October – SWN Festival, Cardiff
13 November – Hare & Hounds 2, Birmingham
14 November – Yes, Manchester
15 November – King Tut’s, Glasgow
16 November – Headrow House, Leeds
20 November – The Louisiana, Bristol
21 November – Heartbreakers, Southampton
22 November – Moth Club, London
23 November – WhereElse?, Margate
24 November – Dust, Brighton
6 December – Lark, Berlin
7 December – Paradiso, Amsterdam
9 December – PopUp!, Paris
10 December – Botanique, Brussels

PRE-ORDER Abandon All Hope by Ethan P. Flynn HERE


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