Escapists stream new single “Silence”

Escapists stream new single "Silence". The track is included with their AA single "Animals"

Lyrically it’s about the familiar pockets of silence that build in modern relationships when someone stares unflinchingly into a phone screen. By employing a wall of sound and some noise rock dynamics, the group shatter the very thing they write about and assert themselves and their desire to connect with people with stunning audacity. ‘Silence’ sees the group move away from the jagged dance rock sound of before and into something closer to adult contemporary music. With a unique ear for texture Escapists employ tinkling piano lines and searing synths before concluding with a psych wig-out.

When Escapists’ vocalist Simon Glancy moved to London to concentrate on his songwriting, he asked the only musical friend he knew to help record his ideas. Enter Oli Court, future Escapists guitarist. Oli drafted in his friend, composer Max Perryment, to play bass and the trio spent a week of intensive sessions finalising Glancy’s ideas before deciding their musical camaraderie was worth pursuing. Oli’s former schoolmate Andy Walsh was enlisted to round off the lineup on drums and before long they were recording indie rock inspired by Simon and Oli’s university listening habits: Arcade Fire, The National and Broken Social Scene.

Escapists’ debut debut album Only Bodies was written in the first half of 2013 and released in 2014 to general appraisal from the blogosphere. Towards the end of last year they followed it up with the standalone single “Faraday Cage”, packaged with a striking update of the Talking Heads classic “This Must Be The Place? – it was a fitting homage to a band who, like Escapists, were bent on pushing the parameters of new wave. last year, Escapists shed their jagged post punk skins, went back to the drawing board and re-emerged with their new AA single “Silence/Animals”.

Escapists live:
November 1st electrowerkz


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